Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor, <span class="degree">PhD, FCCA</span>

Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor, PhD, FCCA

Senior Consultant

Development Finance, Banking & Finance, Economic Policy, Corporate Governance & Strategy

Prof. Charles K. D. Adjasi, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. Charles K. D. Adjasi, PhD

Senior Consultant

Macroeconomic Policy, Development Finance, Trade Policies, Public Sector Economics and Financial Markets

Prof. Kwasi Dartey-Baah, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. Kwasi Dartey-Baah, PhD

Senior Consultant

Human Resource Management, Leadership & Governance and Strategy Expert

Prof. Mohammed Amidu, <span class="degree">PhD, CA (Gh.)</span>

Prof. Mohammed Amidu, PhD, CA (Gh.)

Senior Consultant

Banking, Accounting & Tax Expert

Prof. Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai, PhD

Senior Consultant

Development Policy and Public Policy Expert

Prof. Amin Karimu, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. Amin Karimu, PhD

Senior Consultant

Energy Economics & Finance, Environmental Resource Management, and Fiscal Policy

Prof. James Abugre, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. James Abugre, PhD

Senior Consultant

Human Resource Development & Management, HRM Practice, and Communication Expert

Patience Aseweh Abor, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Patience Aseweh Abor, PhD


Management, Leadership & Governance and Health Policy Expert

Yvonne Lamptey, <span class="degree">PhD, IHRMP, SHRM</span>

Yvonne Lamptey, PhD, IHRMP, SHRM


Human Resource Management Strategy, Employment Relations, Corporate Leadership and Employee Development

Kobby Mensah, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Kobby Mensah, PhD


Marketing and Communications Strategy Expert

Prof. Elikplimi K. Agbloyor, <span class="degree">PhD, ACCA</span>

Prof. Elikplimi K. Agbloyor, PhD, ACCA

Senior Consultant

Finance & Investments, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Financial Sector Policy and Financial Institutions Management

Lordina Amoah, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Lordina Amoah, PhD


Corporate Finance, Development Finance and Macroeconomic Policy

Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, PhD


Business Analytics, ICT for Development and Information Systems

Eric Ofosu-Hene, <span class="degree">PhD, ACCA</span>

Eric Ofosu-Hene, PhD, ACCA


Risk Management, Insurance and Pensions Management Expert

George Acheampong, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

George Acheampong, PhD


Marketing, Entrepreneurship and SME Development

Prof. Haruna Issahaku, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Prof. Haruna Issahaku, PhD

Senior Consultant

Economic & Financial Development, Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Policy & Development

Ebenezer Bugri Anarfo, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Ebenezer Bugri Anarfo, PhD


Financial Sector Development, Financial Inclusion, and Economic Policy

Jabir I. Mohammed, <span class="degree">PhD</span>

Jabir I. Mohammed, PhD


Financial Market Development, and Energy Finance and Economics

Jephthah Owusu Osei, <span class="degree">MPhil</span>

Jephthah Owusu Osei, MPhil

Associate Consultant

Analysis of Economic Policy, Economic Development and Fiscal Policy